Guam Marriage Practices

Typical Guam marriage traditions do not adapt the American traditions of marital life. The island includes a history of matrilineal societies that established marriages. Nevertheless , the traditions are losing effect on the island. In fact , the majority of marriages do not conform to the traditional tactics of Guam.

Chamorros have a great cultural identity and do not want to follow American practices. They wish to maintain the traditions and keep vintage values with their past. Many of these matrilineal legacies remain in existence in spiritual traditions.

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In pre-colonial Guam, matrimony was organized by the head of an clan. This kind of was a relationship with vietnamese woman way to strengthen the clan’s influence in nearby districts. Relationships were also fixed to boost the clan’s status. Women of all ages were not in order to marry outside of their kin. This was because of the tradition of girls leading prayers.

Teenage boys would notify their father and mother of their intention to marry. The family may then receive the marriage. They would generate a formal get for the bride’s hand. The girl’s spouse and children would need to display reluctance first. The young man would then arrange for an easy marriage ceremony.

The couple could meet with their very own parents to plan the wedding ceremony. The woman would probably often live at home till she is committed. The bride’s family could be the most important friends at the marriage.

The bride’s family would hold a pre-wedding celebration called fandanggo. Fandanggo is normally held in the evening and is thinking about the bride-to-be and her party. The ceremony generally lasts for several hours.


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